Negotiations Updates

We are committed to providing timely updates on the 2019 nurse contract negotiations. Below are updates provided throughout the negotiations process providing additional information on the dialogue we are having with our valued nurses and the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA). We will continue to share appropriate updates as conversations progress.


Below are the proposals and counter-proposals that have been exchanged between Twin Cities Hospitals and the MNA during 2019 negotiations.

The Facts

Learn more about the important issues we are discussing and our continued efforts to ensure quality care and a safe and rewarding working environment.

Delivering Quality Care

This fact sheet examines our efforts related to quality of care, including awards and rankings for top care in MN and the U.S.

Safe Environments for All

This fact sheet is about our dedication to creating a safe environment for all of our team members, including nurses, and our patients and families.

Improved Staffing Plans

This fact sheet will address staffing concerns that directly affect ensuring a safe environment.

Investing in Our Teams

This fact sheet highlights the investments we make in all of our team members, including nurses. It will address rewarding compensation and benefits, as well as professional development opportunities for nurses and staff, and include national rankings, including the recent WalletHub analysis.

Giving Back to the Community

This fact sheet demonstrates our many efforts to reinvest in our communities, including specific efforts and financial investments from all of our systems.