Every three years, we work together with our nurses and the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA). Our goal is to reach a fair agreement that serves our nurses and team members, and meets the changing needs of our patients. Our group is currently in active negotiations for a new agreement, effective June 1, 2019. We are open and transparent about negotiations, because we believe that’s how we can reach an agreement that works for patients, their families and our communities.

Our Guiding Principles

Patients must come first

Our patients are, and must remain, our top priority at all times. The care provided at Twin Cities Hospitals is critical to maintaining the health of our communities.

Nurses are our partners

Providing high-quality care depends on an effective relationship among all members of our health systems. Nurses are integral and valued members of our teams making a difference each and every day. We are working toward a fair contract that supports our continued partnership, and enables nurses to continue providing the highest quality care, with the highest level of caring.

Creating a safe
workplace for all

We are committed to enhancing workplace safety in Twin Cities Hospitals. Together with the Minnesota Nurses Association, we are discussing ways to build upon our current workplace safety initiatives and ensure a safe environment for all.

Creating a Safe Workplace for All

Everyone deserves a safe workplace. We agree with the Minnesota Nurses Association that violence in healthcare settings is a serious challenge we must continue to address. Health workers, including nurses, are at risk because the people they care for each day – patients and their families – are vulnerable and often in a state of crisis. Our goal in our hospitals and clinics is to protect the people who need care and those who provide it.

Creating a safe working environment is a complex, continuous process. Twin Cities Hospitals long ago formalized commitments to enhance workplace safety for everyone and we work collaboratively with nurses and other members of the care team to improve safety every day.

Enhancing safety through prevention, preparedness and responsiveness

We have taken strong steps to protect all team members and create a safe workplace, including:

  • Training team members to recognize potential safety issues and equipping them to de-escalate tense situations
  • Providing a 24/7 security presence in our facilities
  • Making significant investments in hiring and training security personnel and staff who can assist as needed and act as liaisons between our hospitals and law enforcement
  • Developing and implementing technology to aid in alerting and reporting incidents and alerting all staff to potential threats
  • Developing protocols to protect the well-being of our nurses, patients and staff in the event of a safety incident

Empowering everyone to create a safe workplace together

Providing high-quality care in a safe environment requires daily commitment and collaboration among all members of our teams.

Working together, we enable a safe environment through:

  • Reporting of all safety incidents and potential issues, both in person and online
  • Escalation of any concerns to appropriate leadership
  • Post-incident debriefs to create a safe space for discussion and an opportunity to learn from and stop these incidents from being repeated
  • Dedicated Workplace Violence Prevention teams, including nurses, that focus on ways we can improve safety and provide support to those who experience workplace violence

Driving continuous improvement in safety

We have learned through experience that best practices in workplace safety evolve rapidly. We are constantly refining our processes and looking for ways to improve safety for everyone. While we are committed to addressing nurses’ concerns, our joint efforts must go beyond the constraints of static language in a contract. Learning and collaborating together, we can do more to create a culture of safety in our workplaces every day.

Investing in our staff

Twin Cities Hospitals are known for achieving the highest standards of care for our patients and communities. Nurses play a vital role in our success. We value and invest in all members of our team to ensure we continue delivering unparalleled care.

Compensation and Wages

The Twin Cities are nationally recognized for providing outstanding healthcare, and we’re proud to have the best nurses in the country. We’ve invested in their talent and are proud of the results. We offer competitive wages to attract and retain the most talented nurses, so we can continue to deliver exceptional care.

How do wages for Minnesota nurses compare nationally?

According to a national survey of nurses’ working conditions, published by the website WalletHub, Minnesota nurses earn some of the highest average wages in the U.S.

  • WalletHub named Minnesota #2 on its list of the “Best States for Nurses,” in which Minnesota was second only to Oregon. The 21 key metrics analyzed included nurses’ average annual salary, monthly average starting salary, mandatory overtime restrictions and average number of work hours.
  • WalletHub also ranked Minnesota #3 for the highest annual nursing salary, adjusted for
    cost of living.
  • The average full-time nurse’s pay at Twin Cities Hospitals is $97,435, adjusted for cost of living, and rose approximately 67% between June 1, 2008, and June 1, 2018. This was more than four times the rate of increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) – a measure of inflation and indicator of cost of living – for the same period, which was 16.1%.

Requested wage increases for Twin Cities Hospitals nurses

  • The Minnesota Nurses Association called for a 21% wage increase over the next three years in its initial proposal – 7% each year of the new contract.
  • Twin Cities Hospitals nurses receive an average “step increase”, or within-grade pay increase, of 3% each year on top of annual wage increases.
  • The requested wage increase, in addition to average step increases, would mean a 30% increase for some Twin Cities Hospitals nurses over the next three years.
  • Wage increases of up to 30% over the next three years are not sustainable and would impact our ability to fulfill our mission.

Throughout these negotiations and every day, we must remain good stewards of our resources, investing in all team members and in the necessary infrastructure and technology required to continue offering the highest quality of care to our patients. Nurses are a vital part of our success, and we are committed to reaching an agreement that works for everyone.