Every three years, we work together with nurses and the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA). Our goal is to reach fair agreements that serve nurses and team members, and meets the changing needs of our patients. We are proud to say we have achieved that goal. Our group recently reached contract agreements with the Minnesota Nurses Association. These contracts will remain in place for three years.

Our Guiding Principles

Patients must come first

Our patients are, and must remain, our top priority at all times. The care provided at Twin Cities Hospitals is critical to maintaining the health of our communities.

Nurses are our partners

Providing high-quality care depends on an effective relationship among all members of our health systems. Nurses are integral and valued members of our teams, making a difference each and every day. With our nurses, we have agreed to  fair contracts that support our continued partnership, and enables nurses to continue providing the highest quality care, with the highest level of caring.

Creating a safe
workplace for all

We are committed to enhancing workplace safety in Twin Cities Hospitals. Together with the Minnesota Nurses Association, we have discussed ways to build upon our current workplace safety initiatives..all. All of our contract agreements now include updated language around workplace safety. 

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Investing in our staff

Twin Cities Hospitals are known for achieving the highest standards of care for our patients and communities. Nurses play a vital role in our success. We value and invest in all members of our team to ensure we continue delivering unparalleled care.

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Nationally recognized for quality care

At Twin Cities Hospitals, we are committed to exceptional care for patients and their families. Our hospitals are regularly recognized as national leaders in quality of care.

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Giving back to the community

We are proud of the commitments we make to support our communities. In addition to providing exceptional care, we make significant contributions to the health of our communities.

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