Every three years, we work alongside our union-represented nurses and the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) to reach a fair and equitable agreement. It’s critical that the agreement serves our union nurses and their colleagues while meeting the needs of patients and providing high-quality and innovative care. Providing excellent care requires constant innovation from our dedicated teams. 

Our Guiding Principles

Patients Come First. Always.

Our patients are — and will remain — our top priority at all times. The care our patients receive at Twin Cities Hospitals is nationally recognized and individualized for each specific patient. 

Nurses Are Part of the Team.

Nurses are an important part of a team that provides high-quality health care. Alongside respiratory therapists, lab technicians, physicians, and many more, patients in Minnesota receive top-notch care and service. 

 Our Workplaces Must Be Safe for All Team Members.

Workplace safety and patient safety are critical for providing world-class care. We can continue to make our hospitals safe workplaces for every team member by working together. 

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Non-Profit Hospitals Re-Invest and Invest in Team Members and Patient Care.

Minnesota’s hospitals are all non-profit organizations, and net proceeds are re-invested back into hospitals and team members who provide care. Twin Cities Hospitals are known for — and committed to — providing the best care for all patients. Alongside their teammates, nurses play a vital role in inpatient care. We value and invest in all members of our team to continue to provide the best care possible.  

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Continuing Nationally-Recognized Care

Healthcare delivery is constantly changing and providing the high-quality care Minnesotans have come to expect requires constant vigilance and re-alignment. We all need to adapt and reach a contract agreement that allows flexibility to protect the quality healthcare we have and will continue to offer. This means we must balance a variety of needs with limited resources that work for all team members.

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Giving back to the community

We are proud of the commitments we make to support our communities. In addition to providing exceptional care, we make significant contributions to the health of our communities.

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